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Exterior Stucco Paint in North & South Carolina

Many homeowners in the Carolinas choose stucco for the exteriors of their homes. Stucco can be great for curb appeal with the many colors and designs you can choose from. Stucco can offer versatile looks, and homeowners can choose from countless stucco paint options. Understanding how to paint stucco requires care and knowledge. At Rhino Shield Carolina, our exterior painters can offer you the best stucco paint and stucco paint colors to make your exterior look great.

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How to Paint Stucco

When you choose Rhino Shield Carolina to paint your stucco, you are choosing a team with over 20 years of experience. Our team knows the ins and outs of how to paint stucco that not only looks great but lasts. Whether we’re using the Rhino Shield coating or a conventional kind of paint, we will expertly and thoroughly apply the paint. We will begin with an initial inspection during the staging process and point out any cracks or imperfections that are found. We will then fix the spots needed with our stucco application techniques and innovative sealer. To ensure a finished product that looks great, previously painted stucco is power washed to remove the color or any dust and dirt that has accumulated over the years.

The Carolina’s Premier Stucco Paint

Although there are many stucco paint options to choose from, few will act as a protectant for your home. Our Rhino Shield coating not only looks great, but it comes with many other benefits. Rhino Shield paint is durable and keeps your home or business looking great for years to come. It will help with growth and dirt on your exterior to keep it as vibrant as ever. It has no problems going on to older stucco and can help with cracks and holes in the material. 

Benefits of Rhino Shield Stucco Paint

When you choose Rhino Shield, you don’t have to settle for lesser results. Other painting options are many times made of cheap fillers like calcium carbonates. This makes the paint dry into thin coats that break down quickly, leaving you needing a fresh coat of paint in just a few years. Rhino Shield uses quality ceramic microspheres instead of fillers in a 100 percent acrylic waterborne formula that creates a waterproof, soundproof, insulating barrier over your stucco in the Carolina community. Rhino Shield has the best paint for stucco. 

The Rhino Shield Warranty 

Rhino Shield has been proud to serve the Carolina community with the best exterior paint service there is. We are so confident that our coating is built to last that we have a 25-year warranty for our Rhino Shield paint. It is time to provide your home with a product that lasts, resists fading, and is safe for the environment. Make the change to Rhino Shield today!

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Our Stucco Paint Colors

Rhino Shield can match any exterior paint color and bring new life to older colors. When you want something new to make your home or business stand out, Rhino Shield has you covered.  If you are looking for some inspiration, check out our popular stucco color chart.

How to Paint Stucco: Need to See a Visual?

Deciding on what stucco paint color you would like can be challenging. For a decision like this, you want to be sure. Rhino Shield has created a tool so that you can be sure. You can start by looking at some stucco home pictures in stucco paint colors we offer in our photo gallery. You can even upload a photo and see what your exterior would look like with a new color, or with an updated coat. Let our team understand how to paint stucco, you just choose your stucco paint colors.

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We continue to strive to maintain our preeminence in the ceramic coatings market. As a result of relentless focus on product improvements and rigorous attention to product testing, we’re confident you’ll find the Rhino Shield system to be the best choice to protect your home or business from destructive outside elements.

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Rhino Shield can be used across multiple textures
Yellow exterior texture
Brick exterior
Home exterior - Rhino Shield can match any color!
Sheetrock & Drywall exterior
Rhino Shield works great on many textures - call for an estimate today!

Why Choose Rhino Shield Carolina ?

Save Money

Less hassle, and easier to maintain overall. Helps with wood repairs, sealing, and caulking.

Protection from growth & dirt

Less biological dirt and growth makes it easier to clean your house and keep it clean over time.

Variety of shades to match any colors

We can match any exterior paint color!

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