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Residential and Commercial Painting Contractors Serving the Carolinas

For the best business and home shield coatings, there’s only one Shield and that’s Rhino Shield!

We provide world-class customer service and unmatched paint services when it comes to quality and expertise. We provide these excellent services throughout South Carolina. If you need a new coat of paint on your home or commercial property, now is the perfect time to choose the pros at Rhino Shield Carolina to provide professional services and superior products for homes and businesses in the state of North Carolina and 4 counties in South Carolina: York, Lancaster, Marlboro, and Chesterfield.

Choose the pros at RhinoShield Carolina to provide the best services along with superior products for North and South Carolina homes and businesses.

Counties served in South Carolina:
  • Chesterfield, SC
  • Lancaster, SC
  • Marlboro, SC
  • York, SC
Cities served in North Carolina:
  • From Murphy to Manteo and
    everywhere in between.
  • Some of our popular cities include:
    Charlotte, Raleigh, Greensboro,
    Winston-Salem, Durham, Concord,
    Wilmington, and Asheville.

North & South Carolina Painters Improve Their Homes and Businesses with Charlotte Rhino Shield

Whether it be wood, bricks, or metal, the superior ingredients in our product give it the ability to bond with any surface. Our installers are highly trained in the application of our coating and do so with great skill. Our expert contractors begin any job by preparing the entire area, taking care to do any repairs and resurfacing that are necessary.

For outstanding, long-lasting coatings for your home or commercial property, look no further than Rhino Shield Carolina. Our coating is designed for longevity and you’ll be able to see the benefits.

Quality Paint Services for Your Home or Business

Our services in North & South Carolina are unmatched by any company in the area. The coating product we use has amazing durability that can withstand the environment. Our contractors will work closely with you so that you can be sure of the best application of our protective coatings. Our services are unsurpassed in the areas we serve. For residents and business owners, no company can compete with the exceptional level of service our contractors provide for your exterior painting needs.

Exterior Painters Can Offer A Durable Product

Our company offers a wide variety of colors for you to choose from along with high-quality ingredients in our superior product. When you choose our company, you can be sure you are making the ultimate investment for your home or business throughout the state of North Carolina and 4 counties in South Carolina: York, Lancaster, Marlboro, and Chesterfield.

Our product is durable, long-lasting, provides a luxurious sheen, and can increase the value of any home or building in the Carolinas. Since it’s ceramic-based, Rhino Shield Carolina will offer the ultimate protection and add extra insulation to any home or building.

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We continue to strive to maintain our preeminence in the ceramic coatings market. As a result of relentless focus on product improvements and rigorous attention to product testing, we’re confident you’ll find the Rhino Shield system to be the best choice to protect your home or business from destructive outside elements.

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