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When done correctly, brickwork looks beautiful and adds to the value of your home. However, brick is one of the trickiest materials to paint. Most exterior paint doesn’t hold onto the surface, making it flaky and generally unappealing. Turn to our exterior masonry painters at Rhino Shield Carolina to get professional service that lasts. Rhino Shield, our protective coating, beats traditional paint in almost every way and applies smoothly to brick. Our coating stays on your exterior brick five times longer than latex paint, so you don’t have to worry.

Exterior Brick Painting in North & South Carolina

Our masonry painting services involve more than just paint. When you work with us, you will get an exterior coating that’s designed to protect and improve your property beyond just appearance. Rhino Shield takes different resins that perform a variety of tasks and bonds them together in a ceramic coating that’s thicker than latex and other exterior paint. Rhino Shield is water- and fire-resistant and won’t break down due to salt air. The rubber-like membrane adheres to brick to create a seal around your home or business and reflects UV rays instead of absorbing them. Our protective coating does much more for your brick than traditional paint.

Your Superior Exterior Masonry Painter

As a locally owned exterior painter, we understand what afflicts masonry. We’ve been providing reliable exterior brick painting services for years and have learned what it takes to deliver quality results. We bring our 20+ years of experience to every property we work on. Our painters use a 12 step process to properly apply our ceramic coating. During this, we’ll thoroughly clean your home or business’s brick exterior.

Long-Lasting Exterior Solutions

According to the Brick Industry Association, exteriors should have paint reapplied every three to five years. We know how frustrating it can be to repeatedly repaint a surface, hoping it will last longer before the inevitable cracks and peeling start. Our exterior painters want to help break this cycle. We use a ceramic coating that lasts five times more than conventional paint. Rhino Shield comes with a 25-year warranty, so it feels as if you never have to paint your brick again. It’s an investment that’s worth your peace of mind.

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We continue to strive to maintain our preeminence in the ceramic coatings market. As a result of relentless focus on product improvements and rigorous attention to product testing, we’re confident you’ll find the Rhino Shield system to be the best choice to protect your home or business from destructive outside elements.

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Rhino Shield can be used across multiple textures
Yellow exterior texture
Brick exterior
Home exterior - Rhino Shield can match any color!
Sheetrock & Drywall exterior
Rhino Shield works great on many textures - call for an estimate today!

Why Choose Rhino Shield Carolina ?

Save Money

Less hassle, and easier to maintain overall. Helps with wood repairs, sealing, and caulking.

Protection from growth & dirt

Less biological dirt and growth makes it easier to clean your house and keep it clean over time.

Variety of shades to match any colors

We can match any exterior paint color!

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